Wooden ‘Base 12’ hard maple for mirror ‘Reflector Circle’

FiGR1.10 ‘Base 12’
Combine this wooden ‘Base 12’ hard maple with mirror ‘Reflector Circle’.
Can also be combined with ‘Reflector Rectangle’ but therefore ‘Base 20’ is better.


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This wooden ‘Base 12’ hard maple is a mirror stand for the ‘Reflector Circle’ to use on flat surfaces. Thanks to the straight bottom, it can also be placed on a sideboard or shelf.
This wooden base in combination with the round mirror ‘Reflector Circle’ is super chic in the hall, toilet or bedroom.

The ‘Base 12’ is available in two colours:

  • hard maple
  • jatoba

A package contains:

  • wooden ‘Base 12’


  • packaging: 120 x 82 x 5mm
  • weight: 0.08 kg

The wooden ‘Base 12’ hard maple or the wooden ‘Base 12’ jatoba are perfect to combine with the mirror ‘Reflector Circle’ copper or the mirror ‘Reflector Circle’ blanc. These wooden bases hold the mirror stand. They have a simple minimalistic design, made of strong and durable wood. A good combination for on your dresser in the bedroom, or on a cabinet in the bathroom.

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